Titan 300 EC

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Boat Review

Like most big boats that are packed with an array of features, the Titan 300 EC simply has too much to list in just one review. We’ve featured the previous model before and fallen in love with it a million times over as I’m sure many others have too. But while she’s based on the same tried and trusted hull, some sporty dressing fits her perfectly. Let’s take a look at what’s new on the 2015 model. t’s not often that a South African built boat can rival the quality of an imported craft, but right here and right now, I’ll say it: the Titan 300 Express Cabin is absolutely top quality. There have been prior models to this version which were good in terms of fit and finish, but for 2015, we see this boat go from strength to strength.

Now built by Admiral Powercats in the Western Cape, which hand-builds boats almost exclusively for the overseas market whose expectations are greater than ours, the Titan 300 EC just stepped up its game. With being a hardcore sports fisher as its main aim and a luxury family cruiser in a close second place, this may be the closest we’ve come to seeing a locally built catamaran version of a Riviera – and as far as accolades go, that’s arguably one of the best!

Deck Layout

The latest Titan 300 EC isn’t a whole lot different to its predecessors, but changes and upgrades have been made and it contributes to giving this boat a general new and fresh appeal. For starters, the biggest change is the cabin’s shape and design. The previous models had very straight, sharp lines all around – as though there was only a ruler handy during the design process. Now, however, you’ll notice the new-look is far curvier and less dominant on the cabin and I feel this does a lot to make the overall boat look less stubby and more modern. I really like the new arched wrap-around window-work which has done away with the A-pillar at the front to give you better visibility all around from inside.


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