Tower Power

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One of the simplest ways to add some bling to your boat is to add a great looking tower and some accessories. If you’re a watersport enthusiast, having a top tier tower is essential equipment. Besides looking great, it is almost impossible to tow wakeboarding and wakesurfing sets without a suitable tower.

Leisure Boating goes deep undercover to get the lowdown on tower choices. And, bring your board along, we’re going to the water to try and enhance your watersport experience.

Sturdy and strong

Selecting a tower that is strong, self supporting and has the necessary versatility with easy setup is key.

Whether you are looking at a tower direct from the manufacturer or an aftermarket unit, ensure that it is structurally sound and has been designed with substantial tubing that is able to handle the powerful pull from the tow rope.

Grab the tower with your hands and hang on it to see if you can detect any unwanted flex.

Finding a self-supporting design that won’t stress the deck too much is best, trying to avoid big levers that build up torque against themselves. Another suggestion is to find a tower that is already primed for additional accessories, making it easier to adapt the tower with additions down the line.

If you typically need to take you boat through a low overhang or low bridge when in use, it might be necessary to opt for a fold-down tower.

Towers that have been pre-wired, make it easy to fit speakers and lights at a later stage, when the budget allows.


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