Virgin Limited Edition Necker Nymph

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Virgin Limited Edition enters the underwater world, welcoming Necker Nymph, a DeepFlight three-person aero submarine. Likened to an underwater aircraft, this open cockpit-winged sub is the first of its kind to hit the market – would Sir Richard Branson want it any other way?

Designed and built by renowned engineer, Graham Hawkes of Hawkes Ocean Technologies, Necker Nymph represents a new class of high-performance, positively buoyant vehicles that safely extend the overall capabilities of scuba, offering the unique experience of underwater flight. Unlike conventional subs that use ballast to sink in the water, Necker Nymph uses downward ‘lift’ on the wings to ‘fly’ down to depth. Available either when chartering Necker Belle, the luxury 105 foot catamaran, or when staying on Necker Island, underwater flight on Necker Nymph takes exploration to another level.

Gliding on the water’s surface like an aeroplane on a runway, one of the three pilots will operate the joystick to smoothly dive down to where the thrilling experience begins. Uncover ancient shipwrecks, fly side-by-side with dolphins, or spyhop with whales; the options are endless. With the flexibility to glide peacefully over glorious reefs or bank adventurously in 360 degree turns, the sub is hydrobatic. Individual “wind shields” remove the pressure of slipstream, enabling comfortable speed and ranges previously unthinkable without enclosing the pilots. The open cockpits afford near ideal 360 degree viewing for occupants, creating a uniquely open experience. Dives can last for up to two hours…


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