Wake Surfing for Dummies

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If there’s one thing you simply have to try this summer, it’s wakesurfing. This exciting, new(-ish) mix of surfing and wakeboarding has taken the watersport world by storm, and once you try it you’ll understand why.

If you’re not the type who likes to paddle out long distances and then hang around for hours waiting for that perfect wave – not to mention continuously keeping a nervous eye out for those finned and toothy, occasional limb-sampling, ocean inhabitants of ‘great’ and ‘white’ description – then wakesurfing is probably more in your wheelhouse.

It’s relatively safe, easy to learn and you are instantly rewarded; plus, you don’t have to wait an age for the next wave when you bail! Surfers in the 1960s and 70s first tried surfing behind a boat but it never really kicked off as the technology never allowed it, and it was seen as merely a bit of silly fun to be had on the lake when there wasn’t any surfable ocean swell.

It wasn’t until the last decade that boat and board designs have allowed the progression of wakesurfing to reach new heights and wakeboat manufacturers are now designing boats specifically for wakesurfing.


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