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Wake wonderland MasterCraft X-30

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With their recent introduction of the new 23-foot X-30, MasterCraft Boats has once again risen above the noisy tussle to put its unrivalled stamp on the wake boat world.

MasterCraft’s X-30 is the top-quality, do-it-all watersports boat loaded with comfort and style and packing some serious attitude. Even by MasterCraft’s own standards, the X-30 is one of only three in their 13 model line-up which ticks the boxes in having a clean slalom wake, a thick, meaty wake with a crisp lip, or a powerful surf wake – not all at the same time, obviously. This used to be an ideal that wake-lords pursued, and now it’s available in a single boat!

Deck layout
Outside the boat, a wonderfully sculpted profile with distinctive ‘hips’ gives the X-30 a silhouette and beautiful curves like no other V-drive tow boat. The X-30 is the largest of the “X” boats to have a traditional pointy bow rather than the modern pickle-fork front-end which gives the bow a wider and more spacious interior. But the designers wisely chose to carry the beam further forward to still offer the added room, which proves enough for a wide, rear-facing observer seat on the centreline. And talking of smart seating; there’s the innovative seating system at the rear of the cockpit; a billet aluminium backrest and cushion on tracks that allow rear passengers to face the wake-wizardry behind the boat or face forward for the trip out to the day’s secret spot.

In talking about all things nice, the lounges in the cockpit conceal a removable cooler and cavernous stowage compartments. The helm is also a real treat, with a swivel seat, flip-up thigh bolsters, and full analog instrumentation up top, including a standard 4.3-inch touch screen display. As with all MasterCrafts, it’s all about comfort and on the X-30 you’ll find that the ergonomics are first rate; your hand falls naturally on the throttle – even your arm rests easily on the panel armrest, for example.

MasterCraft’s standard ZFT4 tower raises and lowers by hand. It also has swivel board racks with mechanical clamps rather than bungee cords – you know, the ones that are waiting to ‘thwack’ you in the face…

If you’re looking to kit out your boat, there is a variety you can choose from including a cockpit table, a billet aluminium walk-through door, a heater and heated seats, and an optional, larger, touch-screen display. The non-skid walkover sun pad is standard, and I was surprised to find that the new “water fall” fibreglass swim platform is standard fare too. The platform features a rear lip which is curved down at its trailing edge so you can slide right off once you’re clipped into the bindings of your board, protecting your board and preserving your boat.


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