Wakeboard Wonders

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Here at Amped Distributors, we feel there is a need to educate buyers on what to look for when it comes to purchasing a wakeboard.

Although boat shops have your best interests at heart, a lot of them do not wakeboard or have a dedicated wakeboard salesperson to offer the required wakeboarding technical nuances or technical advice. Advising the customer on which board is correct for their particular application, style, height and weight is imperative. Below are a few common questions relating to making the correct wakeboard purchase.

Can I buy a wakeboard that the whole family (dad, mom and children) can use?

Unfortunately the answer is no. The ideal position the bindings should be placed on your wakeboard are shoulder width apart. This puts the least strain on your knee ligaments and results in fewer injuries.

If you ride a wakeboard where the stance is too narrow, you can do some serious damage to your knees, not to mention the fact it is a lot harder to ride with a narrower stance.

The correct stance with your feet in the correct position shoulder width apart will offer you much better balance.


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