Wakeboarding: The Poke Bloke

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The learning curve for wakeboarding is like any other sport, the more practice you put in, the better you will get. Once your wakeboarding skill level has improved and you’ve managed to get past the fall-on-your-face-all-the-time period of your training, then you’ve reached the point where you need to develop your own wakeboarding style.

What is style you ask? Well, wakeboarding style is determined by how you as an individual impart your own essence into your tricks. It might be the particular way you take off for a trick, how you hold the board when in mid-flight or simply a body position that sets you apart from everyone else out there doing the same trick.

It’s all about stamping your individuality on your tricks. You need to own your tricks and not be a carbon copy of all the other wakeboarders out there. Whether you are a cable or boat wakeboarder, your own style is your secret to success.


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