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Wakesetter 24MXZ

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Malibu’s mega popular boat of last year was the newly launched 22 MXZ – and for 2013, the company follows the trend of ‘bigger is better’. With seating for 18 on board, the completely new big brother, the 24 MXZ, proves that size matters! Crammed with features and accessories, this wake craft plays on the professional level without losing her ability to be just right for the whole family. Leisure Boating magazine scoops an exclusive of what’s to come from this craft as the very first one enters the South African market.


Malibu says that the 24 MXZ flaunts the largest combination of bow and cockpit space in their lineup, as well as kicking out a meaty wake or a long, clean wakesurf. If it’s still not enough, you can fill the 658 kg of hard-tank ballast and drop the Power Wedge – and doesn’t that just sound like the Holy Mecca for every board rider? You can maximize your experience while your crew sits deep in the most luxurious of interiors that Malibu is known for. Surf Gate is also available on this model which allows wake surfing on each side of your craft and you can flip up the seat backs to experience the Wakeview seating and enjoy conveniences like a removable, fullsize cooler.

When a big company, with as much heritage as Malibu, steps back and says that a boat is the best-performing model in their 24-foot class, it’s probably worth taking note. It wasn’t going to be easy following on the success of the 22MXZ, but it seems this latest craft filled those shoes by more than just 2-foot! Let’s take a look at some of the features that make the Wakesetter 24MXZ so great!

The 24MXZ doesn’t have to be going hammer and tongs all the time for max wakes. When you’re not throwing down a professional level wake, this craft cuts cleanly and effortlessly through the water with her performance hull. There’s also a variety of engines to pair your boat with the power you deserve – so no matter whether you choose to cruise or wake the lake, the Wakesetter 24MXZ is ready!

Fins mounted onto the keel ensure that the 24 MXZ will track straight and true even when the end of the towline is pulling from side to side by the most solid of riders. Designed for serious wakeboarders and wakesurfers with lots of friends, there’s plenty of technology on this boat to make it as good as it is. All of this technology can be controlled from the MaliView dashboard featuring the Malibu Touch Command. This easy to operate touchscreen allows the user the control to optimise everything from cruise speed to rider presets, and ballast tanks to the lights. It’s also got Bluetooth which allows you to control the music and write rider pre-sets from your smart phone!

We’ve already mentioned that we’re glad to see that you can opt for Surf Gate on this model. If you don’t yet know what that is, it’s basically a tab at either end of the swim platform and controlled completely from the touch screen in the dash. Simply make the setting and the tabs are extended into the water flow, some black magic happens, and the wake becomes massive! Only one side is deployed at a time, but it means that you can now wake surf on either side of the boat or switch it up as you go! The mindboggling part about this system is that although you get the wake for surfing, the boat stays absolutely level, making it safer for everyone!…


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