Water Ski Bulletin: Keep your eye on the prize

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The worst of winter is finally over and as the more moderate spring weather warms things up, we pull out the skis, dust them off and hit the water. From here on out, things can only get better. If you were fortunate enough to ski internationally or in warmer climates, I trust you learnt a lot and, more importantly, enjoyed yourself. Remember, having fun and enjoying water skiing is critical to you and your skiing success. In this issue, I have put together a selection of tips on where I look while I am slalom skiing.

Many top coaches and skiers talk about where they look, or should be looking, during a slalom run. However, as a slalom skier, I have never really focused on looking in the right direction until recently, when a friend asked me where I look during my runs. To be completely honest, I have never thought about this aspect of my skiing much, as it seems to have formed part of my natural progression within the sport. That being said, there are many merits to keeping your eye on the prize, so to speak.


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