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The Inevitable Mid-season Slump

It’s February already! Unfortunately, that means only two more months of warm weather and water – but hopefully your skiing has improved from the previous season and it is at its best ever. You probably have skied your local course a thousand times this year and your balance and timing is spot on; however, at this time of the year as our skiing peaks, we can often suddenly encounter a slump. We go from on top of the world to down in the dumps. There is almost no one single skier who can look back on their their own down-time and say, “That’s what caused my slump!” It just happens seemingly out of nowhere. Here are some reasons and tips to help avoid the mid-season slump.

Check your equipment

When last did you check your screws were tight? Make sure your bindings haven’t moved and are causing your feet to be placed in a different position on your ski.

Check your fin – it’s probably the most important part. An out of place fin, even as little as “thousand’s of an inch” will make the ski feel very different to a professional.

Check your rope and handle – Ropes and handles stretch over time and the rubber wears out making it harder to grip.



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