Water Tubes: No pressure – just good, clean fun.

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The staff at Leisure Boating are all avid tubers – partly because it doesn’t require much talent or skill, but more importantly because it is some of the best fun to be had behind a boat! We take a look at some of the reasons why you need to dust those tubes off this summer and get behind the boat.

It’s exceptionally easy. If ever there were a simple and straightforward watersport that required zero experience and little to no talent, tubing would be it. Unlike skiing and wakeboarding that induce bouts of panic and anxiety (in me, anyway) by having to stay perfectly balanced on the water or risk planting some face on water that may take on the consistency of concrete at the right speeds; water tubing merely requires you to hold on and have fun.

It’s appropriate for all ages. From the smallest kids to Mom and Dad – and even Grandma if she’s feeling bold – can take part in the fun. Other watersports may require the boat to travel at high speeds but with tubing the rider can enjoy whatever speed they’re comfortable with. Multi-rider tubes are also handy when an adult is needed to be in the water with the smaller children.

It’s healthy! Being out on the water, breathing in the fresh air and getting a bit of exercise have never been a bad thing. Tubing improves your coordination; strengthens your arms and shoulders as you sometimes have to hold on for dear life; and is said to be terrific exercise in strengthening your core. You’ll also probably end up doing a fair bit of swimming which just adds to an overall good workout. And, believe it or not, a bit of adrenaline is good for the old ticker!

Researchers at Texas A&M University found that adventure sports such as water tubing call up more cortisol and epinephrine (more commonly known as adrenaline) than public speaking, which is said to be the activity that causes most stress. And in this case, that’s a good thing. Activities that are physically and mentally stressful help your body react better to stress in everyday life as long as they meet three qualifications: they involve an element of danger; they’re unpredictable, requiring your brain to adjust to changing conditions; and they’re social, increasing the pressure to perform well, whether it’s for teammates or spectators.

Family fun! Tubing is the ideal activity for spending valuable time with your family and friends. As mentioned, everyone can take part and have a good time, whether you’re the one driving the boat or sliding around behind it! Multirider tubes means big families or large groups of friends can all have a go at the same time, whether it’s a slow, relaxed ride with your feet up or flying across the surface at teethgnashing speeds.

Know your Tubes
Single-rider tubes are designed for one person only and are mainly for the speed freaks and tricksters. As they have less surface area on the water, they are more manoeuvrable, faster and well suited for tricks and jumps. Most single-riders only need a standard ski tube towing line and a standard towing harness.

The Double, as the name suggests, carries two people. These are slower than single-riders and slightly less agile, but can still reach terrifi c speeds. They still only require a standard tow line and harness.


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