Waterski Bulletin: Carving Up Summer

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Summer is a time of great joy for waterskiers. It’s an opportunity to improve on your last personal best, it’s the time when you discover a new trick and it’s a time where you hone your barefoot skiing or simply glide with charismatic appeal along the flat waters, waving at the throng of supporters cheering you on from the shore. Okay, it’s not quite a throng but rather your cousin Tim and your mom … but, who cares, you’re having the time of your life!

To become a skier who reaches the very pinnacle of the podium, you need to follow our few guidelines to keep you ahead of the curve. Here’s how.

At the beginning

When children are learning to ski and they are confident on two skis and able to cross the wake with ease, even lifting one ski while on the go, it is the perfect time to teach them to progress to a single ski.

Learning to ski on the boom is a great way to learn and children typically are fast learners.

Kids as young as five-years-old can become confident skiers and progress to become world class slalom skiers, if they have the correct training and assistance.

Slalom it boy!

For more competent slalom skiers, setting the angle of the ski before the pull of the boat happens is key. Doing this allows the skier to focus on acceleration.

You can decide how much acceleration is required when you and your ski are in the correct position.

Perfecting your angle of attack and exit is going to improve your skiing.


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