Weird and wonderful water toys

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Weird and wonderful water toys

The future looks bright for watersport enthusiasts and boaters seeking that extreme, brand new, extraordinary thrill. Here at Leisure Boating we catch a glimpse of what the future holds for boating and water toys and reveal more of the exciting and unusual products available on the market today.

Innespace Seabreacher For over 10 years, Innespace Productions has been developing and building submersible watercraft. The latest product in their lineup is the Innespace Seabreacher, designed and engineered exclusively for the recreational boating market. Diving, jumping, rolling, porpoising and other amazing aquabatic tricks are all possible with the Seabreacher – all within the safety and comfort of a dry, sealed cockpit. Innespace, which released their shark inspired Seabreacher X last year, has just unveiled a new recognizable underwater animal to add to the Seabreacher fleet: a killer whale. This new killer whale vessel, which is similar in size and scale to the real thing, incorporates new Orca-inspired design features, including a more rounded off nose, large whale tail, new pectoral fins, and a taller dorsal fin. The new Seabreacher Y comes standard with the 255 HP supercharged engine found in the X model and offers the same high performance capabilities.

Innespace designed the new Seabreacher Y with the primary intention of performing aquatic shows and displays, so the new vessel has the option to add riding pegs and grab handles to allow a trained stunt person to ride on the back and perform tricks similar to real whale-riding shows seen throughout the world. “The big advantage of riding one of Innespace’s killer whales is there’s no risk of being eaten by your ride!” says whale riding stunt man Jesse McNamara. Even after several years in the spotlight, public interest in these unique vessels is at record levels. Innespace is expanding their production capacity to meet the increased demands of the recreational market as well as initiating racing and demonstration events for their watercraft. The versatility of the vessels makes them perfect for most climates and waterways, and the immense public appeal makes them especially suitable for marketing and promotional uses. Information sourced from …


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