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Fontaine Pajot Power MY 44
Fountaine Pajot gave the boating world a wonderful Christmas gift in the form of the Fountaine Pajot Power MY44. She was formally unveiled at the Dusseldorf Boat Show in January this year and captured hearts the world over, setting a new standard for mid-sized power catamarans.

Destination Langebaan
Langebaan is one of the most scenic holiday destinations in South Africa offering warm turquoise waters that flow gently in and out of the lagoon. Situated on the Cape West coast, Langebaan is a place where you can truly relax.

Wakeboarding – It’s a bind
Don’t let incorrect wakeboard bindings get in your way. They can cause you untold misery if they’re too tight and reduced control over the board if they’re too loose. Simply, wakeboarding bindings need to fit properly for the best possible ride.

Wakeboarding – It’s a bind

Wakeboarding – It’s a bind

A full portion of RIBS
There has been much discussion about the pros and cons of rigid inflatable boats. In the past there might have been certain negative connotations linked to the RIB but with today’s modern build standards and the superior materials being used, the RIB makes for an excellent purchase.

Where to repair?
There will come a time when all boat owners will need to make use of a marine service centre that has the necessary tooling and technical knowhow for larger jobs. The million dollar question is how do you decide which repair centre is going to get the job done properly?

Fire aboard
Fires aboard boats ranks very highly on insurance claim registers around the globe and looking at why these fires occur most can be boiled down to 6 major contributing factors. Check out the top fire causes on boats and our hints on how you can avoid them.

Show me the money
Are there effective ways to benefit from boat ownership? Can you generate a second income stream from owning a boat? Is it a lucrative endeavour? There are many effective ways to make extra money when owning a boat, but … don’t give up your day job just yet!

Outboard care – gearcase lubricant change
It is important to change the gearcase fluid on an outboard motor at least once a year or every 100 hours of use, whichever comes first. It’s time to get out the drain pan, buy some new gearcase lube and refill the lower case unit.

Into the drink
Let’s look at the course of action to take if your boat is sinking. The possibility that you will ever be aboard a sinking boat is very slight, but it could happen and you will need to be prepared.

Storage wars & maintenance mayhem

Storage wars & maintenance mayhem

Storage wars & maintenance mayhem
So you’re considering buying a new boat. There is a particular shining beacon of light bobbing enticingly up and down at the marina that is calling your name. Are there other factors that need financial consideration?

Small boat supplies
Small boats are far more susceptible to capsizing, incurring damage or being affected by adverse weather conditions than larger boats. For this reason, it is imperative to have a variety of items aboard a small boat to increase safety.

Venerable vinyl
There are certain dos and don’ts regarding the care of vinyl on your boat. Take the tour with us as we find out the correct methods for vinyl care.

Charter talk
Join us as we find out the pros and cons of starting a new fishing charter business with Rob Naysmith who has more than three decades of charter fishing under his belt.

Boat entertaining 101

Having a boat lends itself very well to entertaining family and friends. Clink champagne glasses with us as we find out how to maximize your time on the water and turn up the fun factor.

Boat Entertaining

Boat Entertaining

Engine room recon
The most dangerous place on a boat is the engine room. With special care, the possibility of physical injury is never fully alleviated but it can be dramatically reduced.

Self service
What a disappointment it will be if the boat you’ve just purchased turns out to be full of faults. To avoid such mistakes, there are simple checks that you can undertake to ensure you don’t buy a dud.

Marauder AMG 50’
The unveiling in 2017 of the stunning new 50’ Marauder AMG inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT R has enjoyed great acclaim from boating circles and it’s one handsome piece of technology.

Mercedes Marauder Cigarette Racing

Mercedes Marauder Cigarette Racing

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