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Why go boating?

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Finding out why people go boating might seem like an arbitrary question, and the answers derived from such a question will often illicit a variety of responses but, all of them almost without fail will report positively on their experiences on the water. The shortest answer is usually, “Because it’s such fun for the whole family.” People around the world fit boating in various forms into their lifestyles. It could be as simple as taking a kayak across a small dam, sportfishing in the deep for game fish, or cruising with friends and family at sunset. Getting out on the water is what matters, away from the bustle of city life, and that is what attracts so many people to the boating lifestyle.


Boating offers captains the opportunity to play with a wonderful array of electronic toys such as fish finders, sonar, GPS, radar, VHF radios and thermal cameras to suit every gadget need. You can still be a grownup and have the best gadgets possible. Why not? You deserve it.


Taking a boat out on the water is as good as a holiday. A few hours of stress-free boating will wash away all those worries and leave you feeling relaxed and happy. Water has a way of cleansing the soul and rejuvenating and recharging one’s batteries.


Each and every time you get out on the water you will take in new sights and learn something new. Whether it is spotting a school of dolphins or understanding the currents in your particular waterways, there will constantly be new information filtering in, and these are some of the reasons that make boating such an interesting pastime. There is always a new skill to learn on a boat!


Boating is always going to offer new adventures in many different shapes and forms. It might be the thrill of navigating to new ports or finding a quiet bay to put down anchor and staying overnight that ticks your boxes.


The camaraderie among boaters is one of the greatest binding forces and pleasures. Boaters are a clan, a team who looks after its players. That is what boating is all about.


Boating will ensure that you become adept at making a plan. You’ll have to think on your feet and be prepared to take action when the time arises. It could be something as simple as putting fenders over the side of the boat when docking or something as complex as fault-finding a motor that has stopped working, but you’ll certainly be kept on your toes.


One of the pleasures in life is to take children out on a boat and spend quality time with them. Kids will love the adventure and they will learn a variety of new skills. There is something about being on a boat, with the sounds of the water and the smells of the ocean that lend themselves to quality time with children.


If you have no children, gather your friends together for a day and night of partying. A party at the marina is a great way to entertain guests and friends. If you stay over on the boat, the coffee always seems to smell better in the morning. Boating is a great way to spend the day, or night. It reduces stress and improves relationships with family and friends. It’s your very own personal floating holiday resort.


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