Why You Need a Windlass

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Windlass systems Effortless anchoring for the 21st Century Boater

If you haven’t yet fitted your boat with an anchor windlass, it’s probably time to step out of the dark ages. Why not make life onboard easier with effortless anchor setting and retrieval – or even better, remote-controlled anchoring with an RC electric windlass? Let’s look at how it works and how it could improve your life on the water.

Rope burn and back strain shouldn’t be part of your list of concerns as a boater. This list should predominantly be reserved for things like ‘do I have enough ice in the cooler box?’ and ‘why aren’t the fish biting?’, and the only backache one should ever have to suffer ought to be sustained during a fight with an obdurate marlin. A windlass gives one the luxury of smooth setting and retrieval of one’s anchor and frees up one’s hands for more important duties such as the winding of a reel for instance!


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