Williams Jet 285

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Boat Review

If you are looking for a fun ride, then this has to be it. Introducing the Williams Jet 285 – but don’t call it cute! This little Tasmanian Devil is an absolute whirlwind of performance and exhilaration and is the closest thing you’ll get to a go-kart on the water. Designed and constructed in the United Kingdom by brothers Mathew and John Hornsby and their staff complement of 38, the Williams Jet 285 could make for an interesting representation of what you could want. At 2.9 metres overall and 300 kg when dry, this light-weight RIB packs one hell of a punch with its jet propulsion.

The base model comes with 80 HP while an S upgrade gives you a total of 100 HP which must be absolutely bonkers! You may wonder why this craft is so small and whether it could possibly have a purpose, but there’s a really good reason for its existence. The Williams Jet was created and constructed to be a tender for your much larger motoryacht, typically added to boats from 12-16 metres or 39 – 52 foot.

This Williams Jet, for example, is safely transported around inside the garage of a Fairline Targa 48. But don’t be quick to dismiss this craft as a toy for the rich and famous because really, it’s still a boat and it’s got box loads of fun as standard fare.

Deck Layout

You’d be forgiven for thinking that there’s not a whole lot you can do with just 2.9 metres, but trust me, there’s actually quite a bit on offer. You can easily have three passengers onboard in supreme seating comfort – and since there is a hook at the transom, you can connect ski rope and take your friend for some skiing which should actually prove to be pretty good since there is extremely little to no wake left by the Williams Jet.


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