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Boating and fishing should always be a fun experience for children. Children will soon lose interest in boating or fishing if it involves being quiet while confined in small spaces on a boat. Getting children involved from an early age and giving them an enjoyable and exciting taste of the pleasures and rewards of boating and fishing in their formative years will have them hooked.

Leisure Boating dished out many pieces of eight and travelled the seven seas to find a treasure trove of information gems to help your children become sea- and fish friendly.


Children can’t resist a spin in a power boat. Can anyone? Board the boat in a secure way, allowing your child to feel safe at all times. Once you are all
on board, it won’t be long before the children will be asking the skipper to go faster. The combination of the spray coming off the hull, the wind rushing by and the growl of the outboard motor will soon have the children smiling from ear to ear.

Once children become more accustomed to being on the water, they can be allowed to steer the boat at slow speeds with the supervision of the parents or the boat owner.

Tell the children stories of pirates sailing the high seas and buried treasure, Captain Jesamiah Acorne, Captain Bizzarly, The Flying
Dutchman, Gunpowder Gertie, Redbeard and of course, Captain Jack Sparrow – and they will soon be laughing like true pirates.


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