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“Notable excellence or magnificence” and “suitable for a King or Queen” are two meanings of the word Regal and, not surprisingly, it is evident in their boats. So, you can imagine my excitement when I was chosen by our team to represent the magazine at the 2013 sales conference to experience the showcasing of some of the most prestigious boats launched by the company. My bags were packed the week before and my boarding ticket was burning a hole in my pocket! Florida, here I come!

Before we get into what went down at the launch, let’s talk a bit about who they are. Regal is a privately owned family business which was started in 1969 and is currently operated and run by CEO Duane Kuck and his family. Every staff member, whether related to the Kucks or not, is part of the Regal family – as are their customers. Evidence is in the stats with over 200 of their 400-strong staff having been with the company for 10 years or longer, and over 126 staff crafting Regal Boats for 15 years or more. With such an experienced and devoted team behind Regal, one can only expect an exceptional build quality and an uncompromised boating experience. It comes as no surprise that Regal Boats have won numerous JD power awards, including one for their most impressive FasTrac hull as well as over 19 CSI awards over the past seven years.

To keep a high level of quality, Regal produces everything they need in-house. The 11.47 acre premises, which are based in Orlando, Florida, comprises four factories for their different lines, electrical manufacturing and their interior work. They even have their own lake for water testing! Regal builds their boats to the strictest of standards to ensure uniformity and a high standard of excellence. Each and every part manufactured is tested in their laboratory – from gel coat thickness to humidity tests on the speakers and stainless steel components. The result of this is that all manufacturing is precise, providing strength, quality, reliability and longevity to every Regal.

When it comes to boats of 19-52 foot, Regal’s line-up is suitable for your family and fit for a king. Their remarkable, one of a kind showroom is located on their property and shows off their full range for those that want side-by-side comparison. I’ve never seen a facility like Regal’s – and perhaps, it just goes to show why the company, like their boats, are unrivalled.


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