Zeelander Yachts – The new Z55

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The Z55 is a luxurious 17-metre yacht and is the largest model to date for the shipyard. She is 100% made in Holland at Zeelander Yachts’ new state-of-the-art facility based in Groot-Ammers.

The model combines timeless design and innovative solutions from a team of the renowned professionals coming from the super yacht industry. The naval architect of the project is Mulder Design. The exterior lines are immediately recognisable.

The Z55 is an elegant classic “lobster” style yacht that was given a modern twist. She has a deep-V hull made from GRP core infusion vinylester glassfibre, not with all the usual spray rails, which gives huge boost to her seagoing characteristics. There are a large number of pre-designed solutions in either a light modern style or a darker traditional style with mahogany wood or bleached oak and other fine materials and finishes available, including veneers, leathers and quality textiles.

The Z55 unit – on display at next Cannes Yachting Festival 2017 – features a contemporary airy décor in light oak with grey finish, which better suits the European market. The American version delivered to a customer earlier this year has more wood accents in both the interior and the exterior.


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