Quality Lubrication Solutions Enhance Sea Safety

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Recreational anglers and ski boat owners often invest significantly in their equipment. Yet, what about equipment maintenance? In the worst-case scenario, improper lubrication in challenging conditions can lead to machinery failure, which at sea can result in severe, even life-threatening, consequences.

A prevalent issue with seaborne vessels is corrosion, causing exponential damage and dramatic breakdowns. In ski boats, components like the beaching kit become prone to water damage over time. Once water infiltrates, it can lead to gearbox oil failure or worse, from a broken shaft to a snapped gearbox.

So, how can recreational sea-sport enthusiasts safeguard their investments? Llewellyn Owen, National Sales Manager at Lubrication Engineers (LE) South Africa, highlights the complexity beyond merely choosing the first available option from a hardware or parts store. “People think all oils are the same, and that’s not accurate,” he points out.

Since 2018, LE South Africa has sponsored the Shelly Beach Ski-Boat Festival. Their involvement with the Shelly Beach Ski-Boat Club aims to educate members on the most effective lubrication for their vessels. Owen emphasises, “When investing in something, proper care is essential. Understanding which products to use and how they protect your assets is crucial.”

Ski boats and trailers comprise various elements, all requiring precise lubrication to shield against wear. These include wheel bearings, gearboxes, engines, protective components, corrosion prevention, and enclosed electronics.

Long-lasting Protection

LE offers three products ideal for coastal applications: Duolec Gear lubricant, Monocal bearing grease, and CorrosionX, supplied in South Africa.

Owen attests, “CorrosionX has proven highly effective in shielding motor cowlings and ski boat electronics for our coastal clients.” CorrosionX employs technology that bonds magnetically to metal. This ‘polar bonding’ displaces moisture and electrolytes—corrosion accelerants—such as saltwater. The result is a thin, self-healing film that seals metal, actively inhibiting corrosion. Moreover, CorrosionX is electronics-friendly, ensuring sensitive circuits remain uncompromised.

Monocal grease excels in safeguarding gearbox bearings, with salt resistance beneficial for marine settings. Owen notes, “Trailers using Monocal grease have extended bearing lifespans, a stark contrast to annual replacements in the past.” The Duolec Industrial Gear Oil also yields reliable, enduring outcomes for gearbox applications.

LE’s extensive coastal clientele spans harbour activities, launch sites, and beyond. Owen reveals impressive results achieved by employing appropriate lubricants: “The right choice enhances asset longevity and sea safety.”

For more information, including online ordering, specifications, sizes, costs, or applications; please use the enquiry form below. A member of their team is standing by to assist you with all your needs and requirements.

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