Absolutely Amphibious

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Hold the press! Your boyhood dreams have been realised. A quad bike which not only negotiates rough off-road terrain seamlessly, but carves through water like a jetski – all with the simple flick of a switch! Enter the Quadski.

Why overcrowd your trailer with heavy four-wheelers and jetskis before setting off to your favourite holiday spot, when you can kill both proverbial birds with one Quadski-shaped stone? The Quadski is a personal sports amphibian that combines superb performance on land and water, with a top speed of 72 km/h on both! What’s more, the transition takes less than five seconds to convert your land vehicle into a fully fledged watercraft! Gibbs Amphibians is a privately held company founded by Alan Gibbs and Neil Jenkins. It is the world’s leading developer of High Speed Amphibian (HSA) technology platforms for consumer, commercial, humanitarian and military applications. It consists of two divisions – Gibbs Sports Amphibians, which designs and manufactures consumer sports amphibians such as the Quadski, and Gibbs Amphitrucks, which develops commercial amphibians for first responder, humanitarian and military use. The Quadski is 10.5 feet in overall length, 5.2 feet in width and 4.3 feet in height with a wheelbase of 5.8 feet.

High Speed Amphibian (HSA) Technology is what allows these amphibians to drive on land and plane on water. Gibbs Amphibians has invested in a group of different technologies that make HSAs a reality. A combination of groundbreaking automotive and marine technologies has been fused with Gibbs’ own developments, leading to advances that include water jets, specialist hulls and retractive suspension systems. The suspension gives superb ride and handling on land and retracts when on the water. The complete transition takes four seconds, at the push of a button. One might even say that Gibbs is solely responsible for the evolution of amphibians!

Quadski is motorised by BMW Motorrad’s K1300 engine. On water the BMW engine is coupled with a Gibbs-patented water jet propulsion system which, together with a lightweight composite hull, wide track and low centre of gravity, gives the Quadski excellent performance, a comfortable ride as well as robust stability on water and land. Resultantly, it is capable of attaining speeds of 72 km/h on both water and land.


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