An anthology of milestone patterns

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Fly fishing in South Africa has growing numbers of participants but is still small compared to the large numbers of saltwater, carp and bass fishermen, yet it does support a niche market of tourism which ultimately promotes the livelihood of many communities and create jobs for those involved.

If its flies and fly fishing you want to know more about, then South African Fishing Flies: an Anthology of Milestone Patterns will be right up your quiet creek.

Flies such as the Hover Drag Nymph, the Papa Roach, the Crane Fly and the Powder Wad Crab, among numerous others are covered in this comprehensive book and details of each fly includes the hook size, tail makeup, body, wing and hackle usage. A history of fly tying is presented in the book and this gives the reader a very good overview of how fly tying has developed over the years to present day.

A variety of contributors assess their favourite flies throughout the book and discuss their best usage, offering tips to point the avid fly fishermen and of course those looking to get into the sport, in the right direction. There are simply too many facts to take in, so having this book handy whenever you need to add to your arsenal of fly fishing tactics is suggested.

The book is compiled by Peter Brigg and Ed Herbst who both have a very long association and love of the sport. It makes for easy reading, even for those not completely familiar with the sport of fly fishing and the beautiful imagery in the book makes this a must for your coffee table.

For more information on this title, visit the website on The book is available for purchase at leading book retailers nationwide, and online.

ISBN: 978-1-43230-825-4 Format: hardcover


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