Bilge Pump Bonanza

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Do not under any circumstances turn the page! The valuable information contained in this article (yes we know bilge pumps can be downright boring), will have a huge bearing on how you view the lowly bilge pump from here on out.

The bilge pump system in boats always seems to get a ‘bad beat’ as they say in poker, but they really deserve all the care and maintenance they can get. It seems that because the bilge pump is set in the acrid confines of a usually cramped engine compartment, it is treated with an overly casual attitude by boat owners.

Who wants to contort themselves into increasingly difficult yoga positions to maintain the bilge system? I don’t see many raised hands, but, once you realise the importance of the bilge, you will make doubly sure you improve your yoga posture.

If you need added persuasion about maintaining your bilge, speak to a few marine surveyors and they will readily tell you that the leading cause of boat insurance claims involving the sinking of these vessels is due to nonfunctioning or badly maintained bilge pump systems.


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