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Boating Tips: Greener Pastures

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All boaters should have an innate desire to preserve the waterways they use. Whether it’s for swimming, diving, fishing or recreational boating, it is very important to maintain these waterways and keep them in pristine condition.

Leisure Boating uncovers easy green tips that all boaters can utilise.

Mind your wake

When boating in sensitive ecological areas, go slowly so that your wake does not cause erosion of fragile shorelines, river banks and estuarine habitats. Big wakes also irritate other boaters using the same waters.

Clean as a whistle

Only use environmentally friendly biodegradable cleaners. Many other non-toxic cleaners can be used such as white vinegar to clean mould.

Small amounts of non-biodegradable detergents and cleaners can pollute large amounts of water. Try to leave nothing behind in the water.

Hazardous waste

Dispose of hazardous waste such as batteries, paints, cleaning products, antifreeze, oils and oil filters at the correct collection facility. This will stop it reaching and harming the environment.


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