Fishing for Dummies

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Requisites in an Angler’s Arsenal

Starting a new hobby is always an exciting prospect, but at the same time can be quite daunting if you don’t know how to start accumulating the right kit for your purpose. Accruing gear essential to fishing can be particularly overwhelming if you’re a novice, as there is such a profusion of different rods, reels, tackle and gizmos, that a beginner can hardly be blamed for not knowing where to start. When entering the tackle shop you should have a list at the ready.

You need to start with the basics and collect the essentials. Ignore all the little gadgets and thingamabobs that proclaim they will land you the biggest fish ever; focus on getting a rod, reel, line and necessary tackle. Once you’ve used your gear a few times and think you’ve gotten the hang of this fishing malarkey you can return to the store to buy all the bells and whistles that you think will help improve your chances.


Let’s start with the most important bit, the rod. Where you plan on fishing, which species you intend to target and by which method you mean to fish will all have to be factored into your choice of rod. To narrow it down we’ll focus on saltwater gear only, but even then the variety to choose from is vast. Rods range from those used for trolling and those employed for casting lures or bait to rods for bottom fishing and those used for fly fishing. Not to mention the huge variety of price ranges in every category.




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