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Flamingo 180

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After 28 years of building the famous 17Ft Flamingo, the time has come to design a new Flamingo. We started of with the 21Ft Flamingo and due to the popularity and demand of a midsize boat we designed the 18Ft Flamingo. The reaction was overwhelming.

The 18Ft Flamingo is the versatile boat that everybody was waiting for. The spacious cabin was created in order for the family to spend some time in overnight and on a rainy day. The large deck helps you to manoeuvre around without stepping on each others toes. The sunroof helps for lots of air flowing through the cabin and is at the same time an excess point for the anchor hatch. The walk-around let you reach the anchor hatch without entering the cabin. The ski bar also adds to the versatility of the boat. The transom design for single or dual installation gives you the option of different combinations of motors. The 18Ft Flamingo performs equally well with a single or dual installation

The trailer is designed with ample rollers and years of experience. This means that the launch and recovery the boat is as pleasant as using the boat.

Technical Specifications:

LOA: 5.5m Beam: 2.2m Weight: 600kg Capacity: 6
Min hp: 1 x 60 or 2 x 40 2cyl
Max hp: 1 x 150 or 2 x 50
Hull: Mono

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