Fun in the Sun

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Today’s boating family demands a craft which is the end-point in on-the-water offerings. And if you’re in the market for something which does it all, the Sunsport 2250 is one spacious boat that’s sure to fulfill your needs – from tubing to cruising and a whole lot of leisure along the way!

For this month’s cover boat, we travelled to Langebaan which is along the West coast. It truly is a magnificent, picturesque place – and looking at my photographs back in the office as I write this review instantly makes me want to be back on the water! The question is though – is it the translucent water with scenic background that makes it all so vibrant, or is it the Sunsport 2250 which makes it all so appealing?

These days, there is an assortment of boats you can buy which are locally made, well finished and offer you real bang for your buck – but few have actually gained the type of popularity that the Sunsport collection has. It’s not so hard to see why though, since the entire range offers what the modern boating family is ultimately asking for – which is generally a mix of watersport for the kids, cruising for dad and sun tanning capabilities for mom. The 2250 is a big boat which offers something for everyone, as well as plenty of space on board to be truly functional.

Deck layout
Truth be told, we have reviewed the 2250 some time ago – and minor changes have been made here and there as well as a bit of an ‘upgrade’ to the finishings and upholstery components – which I’ve certainly noticed. So, without giving you flashbacks to August 2010, let me cover what’s new and what’s important.

The Sunpsort builders are arguably most proud of the all-new windscreen. This sleek-back, one-piece bit of equipment is now made of toughened glass (previously Perspex), and predecessor, which allows for a total of 10-12 passengers on the L-shaped seating in the cockpit and in the extra wide bow, and there’s a plethora of onboard storage including the huge built-in ski locker.

Three stand-out features of the 2250 that I like are; the channels around the outskirts of the deck which allow any water to be drained away quickly and easily; the wash down system fitted to each craft that makes the end-of-theday blues a bliss; and the canopy which does well to shade most of the stern and makes the whole boat package look quite resilient when colour-coded to the hull.


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