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Fusion 19

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One boat, six different uses. Offering the ultimate versatility in a single easy-to-manage craft, the Fusion 19 is a go anywhere, do anything boat.

Boat review fusion 19
Boat review fusion 19

The newly released Fusion 19 is not only the biggest boat to come out of this range, but it’s also their flagship model which aims to deliver on a lot of promises. Whether you’re looking to fish, tube, ski, cruise, or even learn to wakeboard, the Fusion 19 can handle it all – on both flat water as well as when heading offshore.

Deck layout

The deck is kept neat and tidy with plenty of storage to boot. The bow section features a three-in-one hatch built to accommodate a full-size wakeboard, but can also be filled to add ballast to the craft (in conjunction with a rear tank, totalling around 600 kg). And, since it’s drained out of the stern, it’s easily washed and cleaned after being used as a catch hatch for your day’s fishing. The V-seating in the bow allows for a casting deck to be easily fitted – a wanted accessory for surface lures and flyfishing. Alternatively, attach the plush cushions and create a generous sized sunbed to laze about on as the day passes by. It’s easy to see that the Fusion 19 is a quality craft as it’s evident at all angles – even the seat bases which are gas-strut assisted go to show that this boat is all about ease of ownership.

Key features around the midship section, you’ll find additional storage under the seat with dry storage inside the locker on the front of the console. Even with rod storage neatly tucked onto the side of the helm, the Fusion 19’s 2.4 metre beam has allowed for ample walk-around space, meaning you don’t need to squeeze your way along the gunnels to get to the bow or stern areas.

The binnacle is kept tidy thanks to a well-designed layout, and skippers can expect an unobstructed view all around the craft. Now, I’m a person of comfort, and the skippers chair is always a big test I give a boat. Usually fitted wherever it can go, the Fusion 19 has found a pleasant compromise allowing you to sit comfortably when you’re cruising, or stand without a hindrance when the water gets rough. A bonus feature is the back rest which can be flipped forward – providing rear-facing seating, or bum support for the skipper if the weather turns bad.

An optional extra which I would highly recommend is the 78-litre cooler box system. Neatly stored under the wide dual seating, this thick-walled cooler is removable – for packing, cleaning, or taking it onto the sand bar to ensure your drinks stay colder than Johannesburg in July.

Getting to the stern section, the features just keep on coming. Particularly for the fisherman, a 68-litre live-bait well is located on the Port side and is fitted with a 550 gallon per hour Rule pump with an aerator nozzle. However, if fishing isn’t the order of the day, the locker is insulated, giving you additional cold storage onboard. A hatch in the deck just forward of the transom can be flooded for wakeboarding ballast, but mainly aims to stow anything you require – from skiis, to the big one that didn’t get away.

On the skibar, and located at various other places around the boat, you will find RailBlaza fittings – allowing you to easily and quickly attach up to 39 different fittings to ensure that whatever your choice of boating, there are accessories to suit your needs. These fittings are also used for the canopy, meaning the top can be put on or taken off completely in under 10 minutes.

Last in the line of ensuring that the Fusion is easy to own is a 4.8 bar saltwater deckwash system. The coil hose is neatly stored in the gunnel until you need it – and at seven metres, it reaches around the craft or can be used to wash off salty sea water after a quick dip on those hot summer days.



Our reviewed Fusion 19 was fitted with twin 60 HP Suzuki motors. While it may not seem like much for this 5.97 metre boat, the recommended rating allows from 90-200 horses, giving you a wide range of options to suit your budget.

I was very impressed with the power delivery of these Suzuki motors. Putting the hammers down from standstill gave a powerful surge, getting the fusion 19 onto the plane in under three seconds. While the craft can be a speedster, setting the water alight in its trail, this set up is aimed at a far more frugal use of fuel supplied from the built-in tank. While there is throttle to spare, the combination with its twin 60’s should be ample to pull a tube, although this horsepower is cost-effective for offshore fishing and trolling.

In my years of putting boats to the test, I’ve come to know how to get a boat into a tight corner in order to show any potential weak spots. Tossing and turning through corners, cutting through some passing wakes, and even riding with plenty of trim, the Fusion 19 just didn’t seem to put a foot wrong. I was really impressed with the smoothness this craft brings to an otherwise choppy Knysna lagoon.

Feedback from the steering wheel left me feeling positive that if I were faced with any type of boating condition, the Fusion 19 should be able to tackle it all. One thing that can be said, however, is that the Fusion range doesn’t have an engine splash well. It’s not really an issue as the wetdeck would drain away any spills which may come on board. Plus, the benefit of having that extra deck has resulted in a far more spacious boat which is absolutely brimming with stand-out features for all types of boaters.


I really do like the Fusion series – and it’s not hard to see why. This locally built craft not only fills the shoes of being multipurpose, but it just looks so darn good too!

The pricing is reasonable, starting at R460 000, but it’s far cheaper when you consider you’re getting six boats for the price of one!

Watch the Fusion 19 in action as we walk you through the features.

For more information contact Tait Marine on (044) 382 4460.


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