How to Choose a Floating Dock

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How to Choose a Floating Dock

The jetty, or pier, has recently celebrated its 200th birthday.
Having provided us safe passage over the water and keeping our boats off of rocky shores for two centuries means jetties are here to stay; but while the ideology has its gum poles firmly planted into the sandy banks of our boating future, the modern floating jetties do not.

The first thing to remember is that floating jetties should provide convenience for you as a boater – and nowhere is this more essential than in areas where the water level fluctuates such as in dams and rivers. DockPro, the exclusive Southern Africa importer for CanDock, has made customisation, installation and maintenance easier than it ever has been as it follows a modular construction design and can therefore be built to your requirements with an unlimited number of potential configurations.
We chat with DockPro’s Rob Clarke for tips on choosing the right jetty.

Ideally you’re going to want a good height of freeboard above the water to not be too high or too low, allowing you easy access onto and off of your boat. DockPro’s jetty systems are designed to be stable and provide around 330 mm of floor height above the water. “We find this to be just right for the multitude of boat sizes on the water and you might want to base your ideal jetty on that freeboard height,” says


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