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Is your boat sluggish due to excess baggage?

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It might not be that noticeable, as the extra weight on your boat tends to accumulate over a period of time. Eventually, it will have a negative effect on the performance of the boat, increasing fuel consumption and making the motors work harder than they should. Usually, when we first get a boat, they are lean and stripped of all excess baggage, offering the best possible ride. Leisure Boating went in search of the answers about unpacking all those extra pounds. If you’re going to supersize your boat, take heed of our findings.


Boats are designed and manufactured to carry particular payloads, yet going above that can render the vessel unsafe. With the extra weight, the increased displacement leads to higher fuel consumption and slower top speeds. Always remember that you will generally test a new boat during its sea trial when it has limited or no extra weight on it, thus it will offer the best possible performance and fuel consumption figures. As soon as you start adding weight, consumption will go up and top speed will go down.


Put your boat on a diet! If every conceivable space is packed to the brim with unused goods, old rope and anything else that is not in regular use, it’s time to turf it out. Spring clean the entire boat from top to bottom and get rid of any excess baggage. Go through every locker and start removing defunct electrical appliances, broken power tools and anything else that is not in regular use. Books often weigh a lot, and you’ll be surprised how many magazines you have lying around.


The influx of tools and spare parts is common on boats but many of these items are ever used. Get rid of the excess tools and the spare parts that you don’t, and probably won’t use.


  1. Acceleration is compromised with excess weight being added to the boat.
  2. Overall top speed of the boat reduces with added weight.
  3. Turns can get a lot tighter when maximum capacity is reached.
  4. Fuel consumption goes up with increased weight on the boat.
  5. There is greater wear on the motor which operates under increased stress when the boat is overloaded.

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