MasterCraft Cape Town

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Evolving from little more than a glorified boat shed to a fully-fledged and shimmering showroom in the space of a few short months, MasterCraft Cape Town seems set for a bright future with endless possibilities.

They officially opened their doors in Montague Park on the 1st of November 2013 and created what has since become – to many of their longstanding MasterCraft clients and new customers alike – a home away from home.

MasterCraft Cape Town’s Lifestyle Centre is the brainchild of Pieter Van Wyk, who, being a boat owner for the last 15 years, felt it is rather vital that an establishment of this sort be opened at a central venue to cater to all Capetonians who love to break away for a weekend for a bit of boating and watersports. Pieter, an avid boater and watersports fanatic with countless years of experience with all types of craft, saw a gap in the market for a servicing and retail agent specifically for inboard-powered boats, especially seeing as parts and accessories for inboards had seemed hard to come by.

When you fork out in excess of a million rand on leisure craft, you expect, and are ultimately entitled to, a certain level of after-sales service and that’s where Mastercraft Cape Town have directed all of their focus. They do however cater to everyone’s needs – not just the high-end buyers – and whether you own a rubber duck or a Princess yacht, everyone will enjoy exactly the same service. When you become part of the MasterCraft family you are treated as such!

Pieter, realising the growth potential of this business decided to bring on board Danny Edwards, a service orientated stalwart who hails from the motor industry and brings with him over 12 years’ experience dealing with premium brand clientele. Danny has held senior positions with top brands in South Africa and has a great approach and understanding of what service and after-sales care is all about in today’s tough economic market. A keen boater and watersports enthusiast, Danny has a wealth of knowledge of wake boats and of the MasterCraft brand in particular.


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