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GFCI Devices Combine Tamper and Weather Protection

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) receptacles need to be installed wherever people are vulnerable to severe electrical shocks, such as where electrical equipment is near water. While Hubbell Marine’s GFCI Receptacles provide this kind of safety, they also offer tamper and weather resistance to comply with National Electric Code Article 406-81, Receptacles in Damp and Wet Locations. With this additional protection, these devices are better able to resist the corrosive conditions present in a marine environment.

New Cleat Add Beauty and Convenience

Stylish hardware increases a vessel’s beauty. Accon Marine’s 470 Pull-Up Cleat is not only attractive, but convenient. Users can pull up the cleat when needed and push it down flush and out of the way when not. A small cut-out in the cleat lets users easily grab and quickly pull up the cleat for maximum convenience. Practical, as well as elegant, the 470 cleat is made of marine-grade 316 stainless steel to withstand harsh, wet conditions.

Stainless Steel Anchor and Chain

Just like diamonds, stainless steel is forever. Combining beauty and strength, stainless steel Rocna™ anchors and Titan™ Chain from Canada Metal (Pacific) offer yacht owners the best of both worlds when meeting their anchoring needs.

Small, Resilient Shock Cord

Stronger, tougher and more secure than a bungee cord, Davis Instruments’ MiniShockle is a bungee cord on steroids. It’s ideal when boating, camping, biking, motorcycle riding or anytime a load needs to be solidly and safely held in place. Featuring UV-resistant nylon webbing sewn over marine-grade elastomer, the MiniShockle uses 316 stainless steel wire gate snaps that hold up to 136 kg.


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