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Preparing your boat properly for the sale of the century

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Attracting the right buyer

Selling a boat during tough economic times is always going to be a challenge but there are ways to improve your chances of a sale by putting together the perfect presentation. Getting your boat in tip top shape and sale-ready is key to finding the buyers you desire. To start with, cleaning the boat is imperative before you take your high resolution photographs to post in your online advert. Once you’ve given the boat a good clean, keep it in this pristine condition while it is up for sale so that prospective buyers are not put off by a boat that looks shabby and nothing like the boat in your advert. Let’s go through the top tips to bring in the best buyers for your boat.


Before taking any photos of your boat, make sure it is thoroughly clean. Remove all trash, rubbish bags, can and unnecessary items from the boat. Remove as much clutter as you can to create the feeling of extra space on the boat. Remove all unused items, repair any torn canvas and give the boat a good clean. Get rid of any mould and make the boat sparkle. Take a few days to get the boat looking its absolute best.


To be successful in selling your boat, you will need to take a selection of highquality photos so that potential buyers can see the full extent of the boat from the outside as well as the inside accessories and appointments. Do remember to take photos of storage compartments and livewells on the boat. Using a wide angle lens will be great for your visual presentation. Using a good DSLR is imperative to get the best possible clarity in your photographs is imperative. Make sure that items such as tinned foods and other items housed in storage compartments are packed neatly for the best visual appeal. Photos should show shiny counters, clean decks, polished metals, oil-free bilges and sparkling woodwork. For the best results, take photographs of the boat in and out of the water. That is of course if the boat is trailered. Action shots taken while cruising are always a winner, showing the sleek lines of the boat and alluding to its ability on the water. Take other shots of people on board enjoying the trip, the interior and then some shots of the sparkling hull. Make sure you stick to photos of the boat and keep the photos uncluttered by omitting tow cars and others objects not related to the boat. The boat should be your primary photo focus. Bright, direct sunlight tends to cast harsh light and strong shadows in interior boat spaces and for this reason it is better to take interior photos in overcast conditions. To create softer, more pleasing photos. The exterior of the boat should be taken in full sun as this imprints the fun factor in the buyer’s mind. Fun in the sun is what the buyer is essentially looking for.


In your detailed description of the boat all electronics, accessories, stoves, fridges, tool kits and additions to the craft should be documented. Include all specifi cations and service history details pertaining to the motors on the boat. Descriptions of your boat should never be misleading so that when the buyer arrives, it is as described in the advert.


Repair and refurbish before you photograph
Repair and refurbish before you photograph

Do all the required repairs and refurbishes before you take photographs. The time and money you spend on doing these repairs properly to create the beautiful aesthetic appeal visible in your photos will be recouped at the time of sale.


The time and money spend on preparing your boat for the sale is important. On the one hand you’ll be a proud seller of a well maintained boat and on the other hand, your buyers will be lining up to be proud owners.


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