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Safety Tips: Marine First Aid

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Having the necessary first aid kit on a boat is important because injuries on the water come in many forms and in varying degrees of severity. You might have to deal with cut fingers, stubbed toes or more severe injuries such as fish hooks embedded in fingers and even broken bones.

Due to the remoteness of your location when boating, and that medical attention is usually not close by, the importance of having a proper first aid kit is obvious.

General first aid tips:

  • Attend a CPR training course and keep your first aid knowledge as current as possible.
  • Keep you first aid kit up to date by getting rid of expired materials and replacing them with new stock.
  • If you use any supplies from the first aid kit while out on a boating trip, ensure you replace them when you return.
  • Store your first aid kit supplies in a safe but easily accessible place on the boat in a waterproof container to stop them getting damaged by water.
  • If you have regular crew that suffer from a particular medical affliction or require prescription medication, make a note of the person’s name and medical condition and anyone else who has drug and food allergies, for use in the event of an emergency occuring while out on the water.


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