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Sunsport 2350

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The Sunsport range is a locally built craft, designed to be great and made to be loved. It’s not surprising then, that the 2350 is big enough to be enjoyed, yet small enough to be used. With so many features, the 2350 offers a package which is kitted out without breaking the budget! Dean Castle travels to Germiston Lake to review the new Sunsport 2350.

This Sunsport measures in at 23.5 foot (7.16 metres) from bow to swim platform – with plenty of space in between for everyone to enjoy. I’ve found that the newer Sunsports have become better made compared to previous models. The fibreglass work is straight and smooth, the latest interior designs are even better, and even the stitching in the upholstery looks as though it’s been done by just one person to ensure consistency. To me, it seems as if there is little on the 2350 not to like – and this I like – a lot!

Deck layout
The Sunsport 2350 has almost enough seating space for a small country. We had eight passengers on board at once, including a ladder (let’s not get into the why!) and still, there was more than enough space for me to move around and take photos. That says quite a bit about the craft as far as being a family entertainer goes.

At the bow, you’ve got a generous size lounger which converts into a traditional seating area – and offers you the option to easily install the cocktail table. Seeing as you’re going to spend endless hours on board, there’s a handy fridge built into the port-side binnacle to keep your choice of refreshments cool when it’s hot outside! The stern seating area is made up of a generous L-shaped lounger and surrounds a second position for the cocktail table. Of course, you don’t have to use the table at all – it can be neatly packed away until it is needed. The lounger is great for mom and smaller kids as the high gunwales and sealed off cockpit means there’s very little chance of wind, elements and overboard accidents. Last and certainly not least, there’s a sun pad at the stern of the craft – typically where teenage daughters tend to spend the afternoon catching some sun. Along the starboard side of this lounger is a neat walkway from the water – so gone are the days of having wet passengers step precariously over your pristine cushions just to get into the craft!

The Sunsport 2350 is also equipped with a huge swim platform at the transom – perfect for ladies to dangle their feet in the water, and even better for wakeboarders! A really great feature of the 2350 is the small deck on the bow of the craft. It has its various benefits, but mostly, it just means all-round ease in using the craft. Storage space for all your items can be found around the craft. Of course, every seat has its own storage compartment below the cushion.

In my opinion, the 2350 is a great looking craft. Aesthetically, I think the addition of a wake tower would be a superb purchase, but make sure you get a simplistic tower design so that you don’t detract from the lines of the craft.


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