The Dope On Rope

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Chafe protection for mooring lines is often overlooked until the damage caused to the rope is irreversible.

Dock lines need protection from chafing, particularly lines that go over sharp or abrasive surfaces. A quick inspection of the surfaces your dock lines go around will often reveal sharp edges, rough spots, nicks and gouges that promote wear of these lines.

There are numerous chafe protection options to choose that will ensure your lines stay intact for a lot longer.

Chafe protection gear

Boat ropes can be protected by a variety of chafe protection options that can either be secured in place on the rope itself or they can take the form of wear pads strategically placed on the boat.

Garden hose

One of the cheapest alternatives as a rope protector is a piece of garden hose.

  1. Cut the garden hose to size and then drill holes in each end so that the hose can be censured to the line.
  2. Use a sharp knife to cut away the sharp inside edge of the hose or sand away the edges on each end as these can chafe the rope.



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