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The Turntable of Big Game Fishing

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Sports presenter and avid angler Carolien van Rooijen is disturbed by the amount of anglers out there unwilling to share their knowledge with younger, more inexperienced fishermen and women. She goes on to explain how sharing knowledge and skill can contribute to more responsible angling and, thus, preserve our ocean’s resources! You tell ‘em Carolien!

The Turntable of Big Game Fishing I have often heard experienced anglers say that they do not share their angling knowledge with fellow- and especially — up-and-coming fishermen. So, upon hearing this, I immediately feel a massive frown building up on my forehead!
However, these anglers then proceed to explain that “new” anglers don’t know how to treat the fish they catch; they’re not much help when on the boat, and they often end up damaging the reefs or structures that the “experienced” anglers have been fishing off for years.

I know this issue is a sensitive point and I usually reserve comment when I hear statements like these. These are the type of conversations I usually choose not to get involved in, as I know that opinions are formed over long periods and they seldom change.

However, I had to get this off my chest. Here are a couple of suggestions — nothing too frenetic — but it might just aid towards the problem so many anglers experience.


From my point of view, you find the very knowledgeable angler that has spent many a day out at sea in all types of weather conditions. He’s considered the “salty seadog” or the “hardcore, deep-sea fisherman”. Why? Because he’s passionate about angling!


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