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Tigé 24Vé

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Like its namesake, the Tigé 24Vé is tough and tenacious. Its pioneering blend of flowing lines, superior multi-sport performance and functional layout makes it the perfect watersport platform for as many as 16 wake-crazy individuals. Leisure Boating takes a closer look.

Being the official towboat of the prestigious Tigé Pro-Am Wakeboarding Championships for the past six years, the 24Vé has become a household name amongst serious wakeboarders and wakesurfers throughout the world.
Established in Texas, USA, Tigé Boats have been producing top-quality wake machines since the early 90s, and with its superior wakeboarding performance and roomy layout, it merely confirms that everything is indeed, made bigger and better in Texas!
We met up with local importer and ex-South African Pro Wakeboard Champion Shaun Faccio and his family on the Vaal River to test the new 24Vé. As she came cruising down the river, her electric blue/black colour scheme with funky, streamlined graphics immediately grabbed our attention, and it was obvious that style was an integral part of the 24Vé’s setup.

Tigé 24Vé - Leisure Boating Magazine

Personally, I prefer the 24Vé’s conventional sporty figure as opposed to the Tigé RZ4’s trademark pickle nose shape (as reviewed in our January 2011 issue). Don’t get me wrong, the RZ4’s a fantastic boat, but I feel that the bowrider style better complements the 24Vé’s rich colour scheme, and sporty contours – purely a case of different strokes for different folks.
Being a competitive international wakeboarder, Shaun Faccio has high standards when it comes to towboats. Not to seem biased, but Shaun has dabbled in many different wake boats, and still considers the 24Vé to be the best in terms of wake functionality and style. Seeing what the Tigé 24Vé has to offer, it’s hard to disagree with him…

Wake Functionality

Tigé 24Vé - Leisure Boating MagazineBeing the big boy of the Tigé Boats line-up, this 7.32 m (24-ft) craft is engineered with several high-tech components in its bulky two-ton body. Innovative features like the Tigé’s ConvexV hull and TAPS² wake plate means that the boat’s wake and handling performance can be adjusted on the fly to suit any wakeboarder’s needs – whether you’re a grom or pro!
Tigé’s superior ConvexV hull is shaped like the bottom of a wakeboard and curves up the transom, which provides a full range of wake-shaping capability. The ConvexV hull settles naturally in the water, creating huge wakes without the need for extra weight.
Instead of a permanent hook, TAPS² gives you precise control over the running attitude and wake shape. What’s more, a huge, long, deep-pocket surf wave on both sides of the boat also allows any style surfer to master their tricks while staying in the sweet spot.
The 24Vé upgraded Alpha Z wake tower is completely fused to the hull, seamlessly merging the 24Vé exterior and interior. This unique, fully collapsible cast aluminium structure features halogen lights, strong bimini top, swivel board racks, an optional video camera (to record wake sessions!) and two booming Wet Sounds tower speakers, powered by a Clarion sound system.
Not like you need it, but the 24Vé has an optional 1 000-litre ballast system that takes the whole of six minutes to empty and fill, creating some world-class peaks! The 24Vé is a style-forward wake boat that churns out fairly narrow, but clean, butter-smooth wakes all day long.

Deck Layout

Tigé 24Vé - Leisure Boating Magazine

The 24Vé’s spacious interior with its thoughtful design and impressive storage space, welcomes daylong boat excursions for up to 16 people without making you feel confined to the dock. A wide transom activity centre that includes three storage compartments and a well-placed rear walkway adds convenience for getting ready to ride or for lounging after your sets.
The interior is massive, functional and luxurious, and the seating areas are deep-set and comfortable. Tigé interiors are crafted with expanded vinyl that’s coated for protection against UV rays, weathering, abrasions and stains.
A swiveling helm seat with a flip-up bolster makes for comfy seating when operating the boat. Nestled into a low-profile dash that’s reminiscent of a high-performance sports car, all primary controls, such as the stylish analogue gauges and finger-light hydraulic steering, are easily and safely within reach.
With touch-screen becoming an everyday staple, this converted technology has officially made its watersport debut with TigéTouch – the first fully touch-screen control system on an inboard boat. The 6.5-inch colour display offers an easy-to-use interface with integrated control of all operating systems, watersport performance setting and engine-monitoring functions.
The TigéTouch also features Speedset, a function that works similar to cruise control in a car, and allows the user to create up to 20 customised preset profiles for different boating conditions and rider preferences.

Performance and Handling

Fitted with a 5.7-litre 343 HP PCM (Pleasurecraft Marine Engines) inboard motor, the 24Ve’s performance is simply mind-blowing. With PCM’s precise engine mounting system, the boat is vibration-free and delivers quiet performance. Superior transmission, precision speedset operation and true throttle-by-wire are trademarks of the PCM motor.
Planing at under 4 seconds with an empty ballast, we managed to push her to a top speed of 65 km/h at 4 800 rpm, and surprisingly, we clocked nearly the same speed with an extra 1 000-litres of water in the ballast! Don’t let this cat’s gentle purr fool you, a slight tap of the throttle and she’ll be roaring down the waterway.
The 24Vé is an aggressive performer and a solidly built boat. It won’t take you long to realise that. Bring down the throttle and you immediately feel her dominance. She’s quick, nimble and boasts plenty of control, even when throwing her into tight turns. She’s safe, dry, stable and balanced, and not once, could I pick up any signs of a poorly-designed hull.


Tigé 24Vé - Leisure Boating Magazine

The Tigé 24Vé comes with all the bells and whistles that you’d expect from a high-performance, yet family-orientated wakeboard boat, including a couple of optional extras to choose from. Tigé Boats also give the buyer the freedom of customising the style and feel of their own craft, with an array of gel coat and accent vinyl, colour scheme and graphic option selections to choose from.
In such a competitive market, one would feel that the R750 000 price tag might make it inaccessible to the average joe. But considering what you get, the price tag will seem like money well spent. For a craft of this size, including all its amenities and technology, I feel that she’s very competitively priced for the market.

No matter what your sport, the versatile Tigé 24Vé can back up its reputation. Dial in the invisible slalom wake, the huge pop wakeboarding wake, or a surf wave to fuel your endless summer – built to satisfy any wakeboarding adrenaline-seeking junkie! For more information, Contact Tigé Precision Inboards on 072 384 8870 or visit

At a glance

LOA 7.32 m (24-ft)
Beam 259 cm
Weight 1 959 kg
Engine 5.7-litre 343 HP PCM inboard
Fuel 181.7-litres
Seating 16
Top Speed 65 km/h at 4 800 rpm
Price R750 000

1 000 8.5 km/h
2 000 17 km/h
3 000 28 km/h
4 000 54 km/h
4 800 65 km/h


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