Top Toys For Your Luxury Powerboat

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You’ve either won the lottery or your great Aunt Eunice has gone on to find better hunting grounds, but you’ve got cash – lots of it. Your brand-new girlfriend has developed as much of a taste for luxury boats as you do, tanning in a teensy bikini and drinking cocktails with the setting sun forming a blissful utopian backdrop to your lavish new lifestyle. It’s certainly a whole lot better than working for Acme Accounting as a trainee tax consultant, and what’s more, your fling with Shirley, the departmental supervisor, after the Christmas function last year has had a dampening effect on your advancement prospects within the company. Things are a
little strained, to say the least. The real common ground with the new love of your life, aside from the obvious, is acquiring expensive toys to go with your newly purchased mega luxury motor yacht.

Bimbette loves the adrenalin rush associated with the new toy acquisitions. It makes her … shall we say … hotter than a perfect 10. For the record, she’s an 11 out of 10 when she’s in a bikini and off the Richter scale when she’s not. Mathematicians will be quick to point out the glaring deficiencies in this flawed scoring system, but after
seeing Bimbette, they’ll soon put together a revised quantum conclusion of curvaceousness to correct their fallacious miscalculations. But, let’s not deviate from the topic at hand – luxury toys, to go with your luxury boat. Here are Leisure Boating’s top toy picks.

Deep flight dragon

Going treasure hunting has never been easier and what better way to do it than in your own personal submarine. Remember, cost is no issue so we’ve excluded the price. Nothing stands out more than the DeepFlight Dragon. This submarine is very easy to operate and requires only about an hour of instruction before you are free to explore the depths.

The DeepFlight Dragon measures approximately 15 feet by 6 feet and has a height of only 3 feet 6 inches. Its sleek low profile allows it to fit easily on your luxury motor yacht and its rechargeable battery system offers users up to six hours in the water to a maximum depth of nearly 400 feet.


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