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Underwater boat lights

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If you spend many evenings on your boat or you’re an avid fisherman, then increasing the amount of hours you get to spend on the water should be at the top of your ‘to do’ list. How, you ask, is it possible to have more recreation time and enjoy even more fishing on your boat? The answer is simple: install underwater lights on your boat and Bob’s your uncle! How, you ask, is it possible to attract fish with lights? Simply, the underwater lights attract a variety of plankton, which in turn attract bait fish, which in turn attract larger fish. And, when the bigger fish arrive to eat the bait fish, there is a very good chance that they will latch onto your hook. It’s the pyramidal economics of the marine food chain, with lighting. If your boat is still in the dark, it’s time to brighten things up!


Become the ‘Captain of Cool’ by installing underwater boat lights

Underwater boat lights serve the purpose of lighting things up around the boat, yet they don’t inhibit a person’s night vision, and this makes it easier for passengers to determine the distance between the boat and the dock when embarking and disembarking. Underwater lights are also useful to help crew spot debris or objects in the water that can damage the boat’s hull. There are a wide variety of underwater boat lights in various sizes, colours and lengths. There are underwater transom lights, LED boat drain plug lights, stainless steel housed underwater LED lights and a wide selection of others to choose from. We’ll leave it up to your personal preference.


Underwater lights blue / purple
Underwater lights blue / purple

It is possible to hang a light into the water if only fishing is high on your priority list, but your boat will lack the cool factor. Anyone can hang a light off a boat. Installing proper underwater lights simply enhances the boat’s look making you the ‘Captain of Cool’.


If you purchase your underwater boat lights from an online source, it is important to check the installation manual online to ensure the lights can easily be fitted. If you want the most basic kind of boat lights, then purchase a portable set that hangs off the transom. The light sabre type light simply clips onto the battery and hangs off the side of the boat, requiring no installation.

It might not be the coolest looking addition to your boat, but it will still attract fish and cast good light. Fish are no more attracted to expensive throughhull fitted lights than they are to a cheap portable set. It’s the light they’re after and not the coolness of the setup, but … your illustrious, high-profile list of invitees that hail from the four corners of superstardom might turn their noses up at the ‘el cheapo’ version. If you’re flagrantly splashing Dom Perignon into fluted crystal champagne glasses while listening to melodic jazz, as the Paparazzi jostles for position and clicks away with long lenses from a boat anchored nearby, the only underwater lights that will complete the picture and not spoil your boat’s appearance in the local tabloids are the properly fitted ones, to maintain your standing as ‘Captain Cool’.


Underwater lights blue
Underwater lights blue

The next step is to decide which type of lights you require. Bigger boats will need more lighting (more lumens). You’ll also need to decide if your boat is suited to through-hull fittings or surface mounted applications. Difficulty of wiring also needs to be factored in and lastly, a budget needs to be settled on.


There are white, green and blue lights on the market as well as colour changing lights that run through the full colour spectrum. If you want to create a great party vibe, attach your newly fitted underwater lights to the beat of your DJ’s sounds. Alternatively, spend a quiet evening on the boat with a loved one and dip a line into the water.

It’s clear that fitting underwater lights will enhance the look of any boat; they will dramatically improve the party atmosphere aboard and improve fish catches. Look towards the light!

Underwater lights bright green
Underwater lights bright green

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