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Pro Tour Stop 1 – 2013

The Wakeboarding Pro Tour kicked off once again and the first stop was at the all-time favourite venue of Emerald Casino where we have seen some pristine events in the past. With thanks going to Boating International, Malibu Boats, Burn Industries and Ty Taylor, the competition was a resounding success and the riders had a monstrous wake to ride.

A lot of planning went into the first stop this season and the turnout was terrific. Saturday kicked off early and Monster Energy kept the music pumping on a sweltering hot day with velvety water. Although some riders took strain, others had remarkable sets during qualifying on Saturday and sat in really good positions for Sunday; but as always, on the day of the finals the pressure tends to get to some riders more than others.

The greatest thing the riders and federation found over the weekend was the amount of new up-andcoming riders that have really pushed themselves over the past year. Fantastic support from parents and sponsors alike also needs to be commended in motivating those riders new to the sport. The weather on Sunday didn’t seem to be on the riders’ side but that didn’t stop any of them. Pro men was hard-hitting as always and all riders, from Shaun Faccio who laid down an unyielding run, to the gutsy performance of tough Ryan Durham who was fighting for podium.

The ladies were putting up an equally big fight as always and Candice Bacon managed to land her first Front Roll ever in her second run of finals, giving Deidre van Niekerk a good run for her money, but it just wasn’t enough to take the top spot. In the Open men, Bradley Morris entered his first boat competition ever and managed to show the men what good, hard training does, securing himself third place. But one rider that really stood out with an aggressive and stylish ride was Wian Marais who put the rest to shame. Dylan Mitchell, who has been travelling for a year, still managed to prove why he is so highly rated by claiming his top spot yet again in Wakeskating, putting Matt Buys back into second spot.

A superb weekend with everyone back together and it’s all owed to the sponsors, Emerald Casino & Resort, Boating International, Malibu Boats, Burn Industries, Monster Energy, Liquid Adrenalin and Ronix wakeboards. May we see you all at the second Pro Tour Stop in PE on the March 2-3, 2013.


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