Wakeboard Paradise: Boarder Post

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Well known by the riders as Port Shredward instead of Port Edward, this mini paradise in South Africa is the place to be.

The weather is superb all year round and the water always proves to be like butter. Some sections of the river are warm regardless of the time of year, which is another plus for water sports.

Whether you are looking for great family activities or to get in some of your best rides with unrivalled scenery as the backdrop to your photo shoots, look no further than this sporting hotspot.

There are a variety of watersport opportunities and these include wakeboarding, wakeskating, tubing, SUP, boat rides and river cruises that offer the most refreshing cocktails while you languish on deck.

Matti Buys and I have been shredding the water here for over a month now and we are not looking back as each day offers pure bliss, on and off the water.

From my experience as a rider, this spot has definitely always been near the top of my ride list, but now, after spending time here, I’ve had to bump it into my number one spot. It has been a great opportunity for me to be with the likes of Matti Buys and Kevin Dry, and having the opportunity to shred at The Boarder Post has been a wonderful personal experience.

Throughout the season we’ve been riding wakeboarding and wakeskating demos on a daily basis and introducing people to the sport. To be on the water and see someone’s face light up after
you’ve gone upside down is priceless.

It’s a pure passion-driven lifestyle and I can’t imagine having to live any other way. We’ve met some great people along the way and have managed to spend some one-on-one time teaching kids as young as seven years old to 50-year olds how to ride.

Let’s not forget about taking people up into the Umtamvuna Nature Reserve on river cruises aboard the executive pontoon. It is amazing to see such a positive energy flowing from the people
who frequent The Boarder Post.


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