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10 tips to get your boat looking its best

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All proud boat owners enjoy keeping their prized possessions in the best possible condition. Here are some top tips from Leisure Boating to assist you in keeping your boat looking like a shining beacon of light.

1. Wash down the hull and then use an oxidation remover and a buffer to get rid of any dirt buildup. Yes, it’s not the best job to do on a boat, but if you apply the new wax without giving the hull a good clean, all that dirt will be neatly sealed in under the new layer of wax.

2. The next step is to apply a base coat of wax which is a thick paste. It’s hard work and will take a few hours, but it’s worth it. If you have the energy to apply a second coat of wax, do it!

3. Once the base coat has been applied properly, it’s time to bring out the shine with a third coat of wax. Reapply the third coat when its gets dull to keep the boat looking its best and protecting the base coat of wax.

4. Clean the boat with fresh water after every salt water trip. If the salt water is left on the boat, it deposits small crystals which magnify the suns UV light and start to degrade the waxy undercoats.

5. Black rubber rubrails will begin to dull if they are not looked after. Tyre cleaner works wonders on rubrails and makes them look great, giving them a deep rich hue.

6. Get your hands dirty doing the chrome, stainless steel and other metal parts that need a shine and a good polish. Make your boat sparkle with shiny metal highlights.

7. If you transport your boat on a trailer, give the trailer a basic rinse using a light degreaser and then a hand dry to keep it looking its best.

8. Use a dedicated hull cleaner or soap with a mild de-greaser if you notice spotting beginning to occur. Try not to use very strong de-greasers as some of them contain acid that can strip away the protective wax coating from the hull.

9. It is always suggested that the boat be parked under cover or in a shaded spot out of direct sunlight to prevent the harmful UV rays degrading the wax coat and other materials on the boat. Try and reduce the amount of sunlight reaching your boat to keeping it looking its best. if you have a boat cover, use it, as it will do wonders for keeping your boat in the best possible shape and minimising the sun’s UV damage.

10. Do not apply acrylic coatings over the waxed hull. It might look good in the beginning, but eventually the wax caught underneath will become yellow over time. Always refer to the manufacturer’s suggestion and recommendations on any coatings and waxes you are using for the best application methods.

10 tips to get your boat looking its best
10 tips to get your boat looking its best

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