Inflatable and Rib

Infanta 4.7 SRI

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The 4.7SRI is available for both single and twin installation. These deep V monohulls are easy to manage and handles like a dream. The 4.7 SRI has similar features than the 5.2 SRI but are just smaller.

Technical details

Length 4700mm
Length on Trailer 5300mm
Inside Length 3800mm
Beam 2200mm
Beam in 1200mm
Comp 3
Passengers 6
Rec. Hp 40hp-75hp
Empty Weight 210kg


Standard features

  • Integral nose anchor box and seat.
  • Splash box with moulded back seat and back rest.
  • Storage underneath back seat as well as storage below deck.
  • Specially moulded gutter to keep water of deck as well as a non slip deck.
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