6 Steps to buying the boat of your dreams

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So you’re new to boating. You’ve been on the water a few times and you enjoy the lifestyle. You’re considering buying a boat but there are so many different types of boat, motor and general layout that your head is awash with facts and you’re not sure which direction to take. Well, take the tour with us as we find out more about buying a boat that is perfectly suited to you.

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Always the first thing on the list is deciding what type of boating lifestyle you desire. What will you use the boat for? Is it sea-going cruises, inland fishing, charter fishing or leisurely sundowners on the deck? Waterskiing and wakeboarding might be top of your requirement list, so deciding early what you plan to use your boat for is key. Do you want to overnight on the boat? Will the boat be trailered or moored at a local yacht club? Many boats can be used for a variety of functions and activities, but you will still need to decide what the primary use of your new boat is going to be. There is a huge selection of boats on the market and for this reason, it is important to spend time on the boats you’ve shortlisted.

The best boat for you
The best boat for you

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Choosing the size of boat is another critical aspect of boat buying. If you are new to boating, it might be advisable to choose a slightly smaller boat. This will reduce the initial expense, yet it will allow for a few good years on the water where you can build up your boating knowledge and boating etiquette in preparation for the time when you upgrade to a size which suitrs your needs better.

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The benefit of buying a new boat is that it comes with all the manufacturer warranties and guarantees, whereas buying a used boat rarely comes with any warranty, and this makes recourse a lot more difficult, particularly if the boat is purchased privately. There is still certain recourse when buying a used boat from a dealer. If you’re buying a used boat, it is always advised that you get a marine surveyor involved to scrutinise the craft from top to bottom so that you are aware of potential issues. Buying a good used boat is often a lot cheaper than buying a new one, but the used boat needs to be checked out a lot more thoroughly than a new one.

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Okay, you’ve whittled your boat list down to two or three boats that you like. Now it’s time to test drive each boat in a variety of conditions to gauge your likes and dislikes. Things such as cruising speed, noise levels, ride comfort, equipment levels, onboard space and level of equipment should all be factored into your list of likes and dislikes.

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When you purchase a boat it can either be done via bank finance or you can pay cash. Once the purchase of the boat has been concluded, you will need to comprehensively insure the boat to safeguard your investment. Boating accidents are not that common, but they do happen.

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If you have friends with boats, chat to them in depth about your possible purchase. Hear their comments, the pros and cons, take it all in. Do online research on the boat of your dreams. Find out as much as you can about it, as it is going to be your best friend for many years to come. Love your boat.


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