Aluminium vs. Fibreglass

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When buying a boat there are numerous different aspects that need to be considered such as what style of boat, what capacity motor to choose and how large the boat needs to be for its desired application, among many others. To make your choice a little more difficult, you’ll also need to decide between an aluminium or fibreglass boat.

Leisure Boating went in search of the facts about these two different types of craft so that you can make an informed purchase when you eventually decide to sign on the dotted line.

Aluminium strength

The aluminium boat comes out tops in terms of strength. If you need a boat that handles the thumps, bumps and dings well, then aluminium is the route to go.

If you want a boat that can handle some punishment and you need a hull that is forgiving, then aluminium will offer both of these aspects.

An impact to an aluminium hull might cause a minor dent whereas an impact to a fibreglass hull could result in gelcoat damage and even cracking in some instances that require fibreglass repair.


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