CaraBoat in South Africa?

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The CaraBoat boasts some amazing fixtures and features, many of which are standard equipment.

Models are available that have a “hidden helm” where the boat’s steering and engine controls conveniently fold away into a cupboard when not in use.

The twin engine design makes for easy control and manoeuvrability. It is powered by two 30 hp, fuel injected four stroke outboards, which combined put around 30 amps back into the batteries and are easily pull-started if required.

Top speed is around 17 knots and a very economical cruise speed is achieved between 13-15 knots.

The CaraBoat draws a mere 200 mm at rest which allows it to be easily nudged against river banks or sneak into very shallow anchorages.

CaraBoat is easily launched and recovered thanks to a purpose-built trailer.

Four wheel disc brakes and a breakaway safety system are standard equipment.

200 litre water tanks and up to 80 litres of fuel allows for lengthy cruising. A grey water tank can also be included for those environmentally sensitive waterways and there are a variety of optional floor plans to choose from.

Each model sleeps up to four adults. All have toilet and shower and a swim shower on the rear deck.

Internal ceiling height is 1.9 metres and a two metre version of all models is available as an option.

CaraBoat is currently in negotiation with a South African builder/supplier regarding the opening of a local franchise for these impressive boats.

Features of the CaraBoat

Panoramic viewing

The CaraBoat features large windows, offering panoramic viewing, great ventilation and an amazing view.

You still have complete privacy when required with the Roman Blind style window treatments.


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