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Big Game Fishing: Fish the night away

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The silly season is over and you’re finally able to breathe a sigh of relief as the indulgences of all the Christmas excesses starts to disappear from your midriff and normality sets in once again. The prevailing south winds have given way to stillness and now, more than ever, the breathless nights of February offer up some of the best night fishing opportunities to those wanting to convene with nature. Grab your rods, reels, tackle boxes and head-mounted flashlights because we’re going night fishing … that is of course, only if you really want to come along.

Night fishing in the hot summer months beats the heat and takes a load off the feet.


What happens when bright lights shine into the water? The bright light attracts small micro-organisms that will begin to congregate. Those micro-organisms then attract the smaller bait fish and the bait fish consequently attract larger fish which wait in the shadows to strike. It’s that easy! Well, in theory it’s that easy.

Remember that you’ve come down to the jetty or marina to spend quality quiet time and enjoy some real relaxation. If you catch a fish, it’s a bonus. If you don’t, are you really going to care that much? So, you need to have your own light, preferably a white light, which you bring along to shine into the water or you need to fish near an area that has a dock light that shines into the water.


Fish love to hide in the shadows and strike at the smaller fish as they come into the light. This is why docks, jetties and marinas are perfect for night fishing. If you’re fishing from a boat, let the current take your lures into the shadowy spots for good catch results.


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