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Boating Tips: 10 Easy boat fixes

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Sometimes that all-too-familiar light bulb comes on when someone tells you how they fixed a certain component on their boat or got rid of a nagging problem through the easiest of means.

Leisure Boating went in search of a few of those light bulb moments and what we found will not only make the fixes on your boat completely manageable for you, but they will also save you having to call out a costly ‘specialist’.


If you find that the filter chain wrench is slipping due to a greasy surface, simply slip a piece of sandpaper between the chain and the filter. The grit and consequent grip of the sandpaper will allow the wrench to gain the required purchase it needs on the filter. Simple remedies to problems that anyone can tackle


You briefly turned into the Incredible Hulk and broke a screw off flush with the surface of the boat. To get it out, use your Dremel tool and cut a slot into the offending screw and then remove it with a flat screwdriver. A Dremel tool can be purchased at minimal cost and it has a variety of beneficial boat uses.


Boats usually have a variety of zips incorporated within their cushions and canvas covers. These zips are in constant battle with the elements, such as the corrosive sea air, and they need to be
maintained to ensure their longevity. There are many products on the market that are non-stick, non-toxic and nonstaining to loosen up snagging zips, but if you do not have any of these products
handy, grab a crayon from your child’s pencil case and rub it onto the offending zip. It’ll loosen the zip up very quickly and give it a waxy protective coating.


If you find your stainless steel is looking a bit dull, simply put baking soda onto a sponge and rub it down as you normally would. It’ll clean up in no time at all.


Keep a bottle of petroleum jelly in your tool kit as it comes in very handy and can be applied lightly to electrical connections to keep them free of corrosion.


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